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Who are we?

Nova Consulting is a professional team that provides analytical reporting, consulting services, and bespoke IT solutions. From large projects to smaller tailored solutions, the products we build are fit for purpose and cost-effective.

What do we do?

Nova Consulting provides an innovative approach to solving complex problems. Our experienced consultants can help with a range of services from project managing and streamlining existing processes to benefiting your bottom line through implementing new IT solutions / automation.


What we offer

Data Visualisation

A range of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are available, from multi-organisation analytics to smaller bespoke solutions.

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System Automation

Helping you to better leverage existing resources and skillsets, to produce more results with less work.

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Database & Software Development

Utilising the latest technology to simplify systems and build efficiencies.

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General Consulting Services

Providing answers to the questions that you didn’t know you had.

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